Prairie dog complaints increase in Cortez

Chief offers tips on controlling them

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Cortez Police Chief Roy Lane said prairie dog complaints are on the rise. He offered suggestions on putting them down.

Lane said it was routine to see an increase in complaints this time of year, and that most nuisance calls were from landowners who have witnessed an invasion of prairie dogs onto their property from nearby vacant lots.

“At this point, there have been no health issues,” said Lane. “This is just a friendly reminder.”

Lane said there were several methods that could be utilized to rid lots of the burrowing rodents. Avenues to control prairie dog numbers include hiring a professional service, applying toxins or using a concussive device.

“There are advantages and disadvantages to any method applied,” Lane said.

An advantage to a shock wave device is that the deceased animals usually remain buried, which generally requires no cleanup. The disadvantage is a loud noise that could disturb neighbors or panic pets.

Before using a shock wave device, Lane reminded residents to notify city officials by calling Cortez dispatch at 565-8441. Officials could then advise residents of the use of such a device through Nixle.

Area residents who wish to be notified can sign up with Nixle at Nixle is a free informative communication system that can keep residents apprised of severe weather advisories, traffic alerts and local crime information.

Toxins, Lane said, were also highly effective, but he warned that pets or other animals could be affected.

“The city doesn’t have any preference in which way residents handle the issue,” said Lane.

Lane reminded residents that it was illegal to shoot prairie dogs inside city limits.