Why the work zone with no work ongoing?

Whoever is “working” on Highway 145 has for weeks placed a 40 mph speed zone on Highway 145 going for miles with no work at all. Not only is it obnoxious to have a work zone with no work, it is also a hazard.

If it is a speed trap, drop it. If it is a warning for motorcyclists, leave the warning signs and remove the reduced speed signs. I ride my motorcycle over that area and it is no more rough than the rest of that road. If someone has forgotten that the signs are there, we should be charging storage fees for signs along our highway.

Whoever hired this company to do the work on 145 (which is supposed to last all summer) may need to re-think that contract. If they have no more consideration for our drivers and community, I don’t want them getting our tax dollars. At the very least, an explanation is in order.

Gina Kotarski

Summit Ridge