Constitutionalists practice partisan politics

There are people who meet regularly in our county who claim to be all about the Constitution. If you show up at their meeting they will provide lectures and the chance to purchase various and assorted CDs and other materials on the Constitution for your enlightenment and edification. Do not be fooled; in most of their minds the Constitution takes a back seat to partisan politics.

If true constitutional governance is to occur, each and every candidate must be judged on their adherence to the principles of that document separate and apart from whom their opponent might be. Judging the fitness of a candidate based solely on who they are running against is what got our country into this financial and moral mess.

All that is required for the continuation of unconstitutional government is for political parties and factions of those parties to always present unconstitutional candidates. This assures government continually operates outside of constitutional restraints. It only matters by what degree the Constitution is destroyed at each election.

Until those who claim to support our Constitution stop voting for candidates because they see them as the lesser of evils, nothing will ever change. The various political parties need not submit constitutional candidates for election simply because the voters will vote for whoever is presented if they fit certain emotional criteria. The parties or their factions will never present constitutional candidates until the voters refuse to support any candidate, in any race, regardless of their affiliation, emotional appeal or who their opponent is. Perhaps this is the reason there is a gradual, yet substantial movement to independent voting stance by principled people.

There is always a choice; the one between right and wrong, not lesser or greater evil. Ask any self-proclaimed constitutionalist when was the last time they did not vote for either candidate in a particular race because neither was constitutional. If they have not, then they are hypocrites and stand for evil in varying degrees instead of the Constitution. The advantage to being a hypocrite is: In their minds they are never wrong.

Michael Gaddy