Sheriff Spruell is standing up for our rights

I am concerned with the lack of accuracy and fairness the Cortez Journal continues to reflect in both its reporting and opinions. You have embraced an on-going besmirching of our current sheriff, Dennis Spruell, and his office.

With the editorial, headlined “Spruell has had his chance: now it is Nowlin’s turn,” (Journal, June 6) your bias is glaring.

You stated Spruell has racked up some accomplishments and some mistakes. Then you went on to expound on every so called mistake. You praised his opponent, Nowlin as though your opinion is fact. If you were providing the facts instead of promoting your agenda, the facts would include that Nowlin has indicated that, in effect, “If the feds are doing it, it’s the law.” Really? Must be one of those relationships you mention he has formed with other agencies.

Nowlin has issues you have received info on and not reported. Why not? Don’t you owe fairness to your readers?

When an employee of the sheriff’s department made a critical error in judgment, Spruell took immediate and effective action. Yes, Spruell told his employees, “make me look good.” No business is any better that the people who represent it, neither is the sheriff or his office. In doing their job effectively, they make the sheriff and his office look good. Is there a problem with plain talk? Why not mention just one of the many accomplishments of Sheriff Spruell and his employees who have served this community effectively by doing their jobs?

The greatest threat to this community is from an over-reaching federal government. Sheriff Spruell has absolutely stood up for our constitutional rights.

Dennis Atwater