Vote for Nowlin to put the community first

I urge all Montezuma GOP voters to choose Steve Nowlin for Sheriff in this primary election. Dennis Spruell’s actions as sheriff confirmed my worst fears since he took office in January 2011. Although I offered to sit down with him and explain how all the agency programs and finances worked and how to monitor the budget he refused and said he would “do it his way.”

He has at least kept that promise, which includes misappropriating contract dollars that should have been deposited to the county treasurer into a private account at a local bank. He has misspent Law Enforcement Authority (LEA) funds and his whole mantra has been to put himself first and everyone else behind him. Enough is enough and the community deserves better.

Steve Nowlin will return the Sheriff’s Office to an agency that puts the needs of the whole community first and he will also respect the needs of the staff. He has plans that will boost the agricultural deputy program and he will also spend LEA funds in the manner in which they were initially intended and voted upon. Steve will also be held in high regard by the other sheriff’s in the state and I am also convinced that the number of law suits filed against the Sheriff’s Office and the county that have soared since Dennis took office will be reduced dramatically.

Please vote for Steve Nowlin and bring integrity and community back to the Sheriff’s Office.

Gerald Wallace

Kingston, N.Y.

Editor’s note: Gerald Wallace was the Montezuma County Sheriff from 2005 to 2011.