Deavers has experience and compassion

After reading Kelsey Maez’s letter to the editor (Journal, May 27) and her direct attack on George Deavers and his campaign for coroner, I question the actual agenda behind her words. Her attack was so pointed and deliberate it is obvious that she believes she has something to gain from her attack. Anyone who has lived in Montezuma County and known George Deavers, knows that the words of Maez do not describe Deavers.

Therefore, as Maez herself states that she likes to learn new things, I would like to share some information that she apparently is unaware of: George Deavers has been a resident of Montezuma County for 35 years and a certified EMT for 26 years. George has successfully owned and operated his own business for 25 years. He has been a loyal member of the Lewis-Arriola Fire Department for 24 years, and has served as the respected chief of the department for 14 years.

George has served as Chief Deputy Coroner for 11½ years. Coroner Charlie Rosenbaugh, has enough faith and trust in George’s integrity and abilities to nominate him for the position of coroner.

George is well known and trusted by all involved agencies. During his time as chief deputy coroner, George has investigated over 100 fatalities and has assisted with more than 30 forensic autopsies. George Deavers cares about Montezuma County and gives freely of his time and abilities to help his neighbors. He has spent a lifetime fighting fires to save his neighbors’ homes and property, searching for those who are lost, and rescuing those in need.

George rejoices with the family when outcomes are good, and grieves with them when the news is bad. George has earned much trust and respect in this county.

We should all be thankful to have such an experienced, honest, dedicated and compassionate candidate to fill this difficult position.

Stephanie Moore