Nowlin should withdraw from the sheriff race

With so much cheerleading for Steve Nowlin by the Journal, it’s time to set the record straight. I’ve followed local and national politics for years and I do not recall the last time an incumbent sheriff has been challenged in his party’s primary. This rarely happens unless there are extraordinary circumstances. My question to Mr. Nowlin and his Republican Establishment allies in our county is; what are those extraordinary circumstances? Has Sheriff Spruell been accused of a crime? Has he been accused of malfeasance? The answer is NO. So why is the Establishment candidate Nowlin challenging Sheriff Spruel in 2014? Those who complain about the job Sheriff Spruell has done are likely unaware that he has saved the county a huge bundle of money. I’ve never seen this reported by the Journal. Nowlin’s past is sketchy and it is the responsibility of every respectable journalist to reveal the information they have on him now rather than wait until after the primary to let this out. A very quick and simple check of Durango District Court records turned up direct evidence that Steve Nowlin’s testimony in past court proceedings and investigations has been deemed unreliable by some respected individuals, including our 4-time District Attorney for Montezuma County. These statements by long-time prosecutor George Buck and others were made under oath, and they deserve the voter’s consideration prior to primary voting and before we remove an excellent sheriff in order to replace him with a giant unknown. With Nowlin, we will be easy pickins’ for Govt overreach, land and road closures. Your gun rights will not be safe either. Nowlin has said he will enforce any directive given by the federal government…even if those directives are in violation of your 2nd Amendment Rights. We don’t need someone like Nowlin as our sheriff. With Dennis Spruell we have a sheriff with integrity. Why take a huge gamble on Nowlin when it comes to our safety and our Constitutional rights?

David Dove

Cortez, Colo.