Deputies should learn some manners

I am Brenda Savage, and my husband Tony Down and I own Cozy Comfort RV Park in Dolores. Recently, we have had to call for help from the Montezuma County Sherriff’s Department. As a business owner in Dolores, I have been appalled at the amazing lack of respect that the Sheriff’s Department officers have had for me, when I have called for help to resolve issues, and even more amazed at the politeness with which they deal with the criminals. Something is terribly wrong. If you want actual law enforcement in Montezuma County, and especially in Dolores, be very careful how you cast your vote. And please, do cast your vote! If you are an upstanding citizen in Dolores, and if you might ever need help, make a change. What is happening in our town with law enforcement is completely unacceptable.

Brenda Savage