Come Back to My Valley Looking back to the 1964 Times

I was curious what the headlines were in the Mancos Times in 1964.

My personal headlines that year were that I was able to be with a group of men who were allowed to travel into eastern Turkey, cross the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, see houses made mostly of dung, travel halfway around Lake Van and camp at the base of Mount Ararat. We climbed to the snow line, which was there all of a sudden and appeared to be 6 feet high. We climbed to the north side, where we were able to look down at Russia. Also, Rovilla and I were able to be with a group that toured the Holy Land. Shortly after that trip, we watched as Turkish fighter jets took off from Incirlik Air Base, where I was stationed, to bomb the Greek part of Cyprus.

I'll include the first four months of 1964.

Richard D. Elliss of Mancos, Colo., married Cecelia M. Santos of Tino Vista, Guam, at a nuptial ceremony at Our Lady of the Assumption Church in Piti, Guam.

The Mancos Blue Jays edged the Durango B Team last Saturday night 54-48. Roger Bauer pumped in 14 digits to lead Mancos to its fifth win in six starts.

See Geraldine Wallace at Town Hall for all types of insurance.

Bauer's Food Store, fancy stalk celery - 10 cents.

The Singing Cowboys will make their first appearance on TV on KOB's Dick Bills Show.

Cyril Conway, superintendent of schools said the Mancos School District will have difficulty meeting basic needs for the 1964-65 school year.

Karen Pickens and Darrell Mathews were united in marriage at the Mancos Baptist Church.

Juan McAllister and Phil Harman announced they will reopen the Mancos Theater.

The Mancos High Band will march in the Durango street parade. Jay Trotter is the new Drum Major.

Reservoir storage is below normal. Most of the moisture in the remaining snow will be taken up by the soil and will not be available as runoff.

Darrel Ellis is a longtime historian of the Mancos Valley.