Plan for RV park stirs debate

Some see benefits, some see harm

A potential RV park on the north side of Grand Avenue and east of Boyle Park has some residents concerned it could hurt the neighborhood and others convinced it could help business.

A developer's interest in building a high-end RV park on a five-acre lot sparked recent discussion about revising the land-use to code to allow for the project to move forward. An RV park is currently prohibited on that lot by the town's zoning laws. But if the land-use code revisions are approved, it would allow the town's first RV park to be built.

Residents spoke out at the June 18 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting about traffic, noise, trash, impacts on the river among other problems that a new park could cause.

Tim Lawrence, who owns an adjacent property, said he was concerned about transients, traffic and the impact on the river.

"I don't think an RV within a block and a half of downtown Mancos is a wise use of the land," he said in an interview.

However, the commission had approved changes to the land-use code at a public hearing May 21.

Pam Morrell, was one of the few to speak when the changes were approved by the commission and she sees the park's potential to bring more tourists into town.

"I just thought it would bring in more business," she said.

She said she thinks the park would help all the smaller businesses - from the ice cream parlor to the art galleries.

The changes to the land-use code would set strict requirements for any RV park to limit its negative impact. Each park will be connected to central Town water and sewer lines.

Any park would be allowed to operate only from 8 a.m. to dusk, and would be subject to town laws regarding noise and lights. Generators would be prohibited.

The proposed law also would require screening 6 feet high around the perimeter of any park to allow for privacy. A developer could use hedges or fencing.

The owner of the property, Bobbi Black, said that she thinks a new RV park would be a beautiful addition to town and would bring in tourists during the summer.

"If the businesses can make enough money in the season, they don't have to worry so desperately in the winter," she said.

The park developer did not return a phone call by press time. But Planning and Zoning minutes said the park will provide electricity, water and sewer would be provided to each RV space. The plans also call for water and sewer dump service for the general public.

The developer is expected to give a presentation at the next town board meeting about the plans, Black said.

The town board will consider revisions to the land-use code that will would allow RV parks on multi-family residential zoned areas of town during the Wednesday meeting at 7 p.m. at Town Hall.