Sheriff’s Blotter

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

Saturday June 21

8:16 p.m. While leaving the Sheriff’s Office a deputy was sitting in his vehicle at the stop sign at the intersection of Mildred and Driscoll when he saw a blue Ford Tempo being driven by a man he knew did not have a valid driver’s license. The deputy checked the man’s driving status with dispatch who confirmed the man’s license was revoked. The deputy contacted the driver and told him the reason for the contact. The man said he knew his license was revoked but he was going to be able to reinstate his driver’s license in a few days. The driver asked the deputy to “give him a break, everyone needs a break sometimes.” The deputy arrested the driver for driving a while his license was under restraint. While patting him down the deputy located a glass pipe commonly used for smoking methamphetamine in his pocket. The deputy added the charge of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia to his arrest charges.


Wednesday June 18

As a deputy was coming on shift in his patrol car, he was flagged down by a woman outside her house. She said two females had entered her fenced front yard and stole her children’s bicycles. She pointed out the girls riding bikes down the street. The deputy got into his patrol vehicle and activated his emergency equipment in an attempt to catch up to the females, who had gotten off the bicycles and started to run down an alley. The deputy announced in a loud voice “Sheriff’s Office, stop” and “Sheriff’s Office, you two stop”. The females ran into a backyard with the deputy following them. The deputy saw where the females were hiding behind a fifth wheel trailer. When he approached the trailer a dog came out and attempted to bite him. The deputy was able to get the dog away from him, not using lethal force. He pulled his duty-issued Taser and began issuing commands for the females to come out and telling them he had a K-9 unit on its way. One girl came out and was placed into custody. Cortez Police showed up to assist the deputy and the second girl came out and an officer placed her into custody. The victim identified the females as the ones who had stolen her children’s bicycles. Both bicycles had been damaged by the girls. An officer located a purse under the trailer, and in the purse, the deputy found drugs and drug paraphernalia. Both girls were arrested. The dog was not harmed in the making of the two arrests.