Brianna Lynn Schmittel

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Memorial services for Mancos resident Brianna Lynn Schmittel will be held at 6 p.m. Friday, June 27, at Boyle Park in Mancos.

On April 22 of 1992, the Schmittel family was blessed with a beautiful brown-eyed little girl. Brianna Lynn Schmittel was busy from the start, always on the go. From the time Bri was around 2 years old, she could be spotted on a stage wearing her little white clogging shoes. Since Bri loved to dance, she soon enrolled in 4-H. While in 4-H, Bri learned to crochet, leather-work, decorate clothing, bake and most important, decorate her beautiful cakes. For most people this would have been enough, but not for Brianna. She would move on to Girl Scouts. From Girl Scouts, she would enroll in Rainbow Girls, where she would go on to claim the highest esteem she could get. Bri became a Grand Worthy Adviser, while studying and testing her way through the aikido belts. She completed high school in only three years in order to get a jump on her goal of becoming a lawyer. Brianna left for her first year of college at UNM just a quick couple of weeks after her high school graduation ceremony. Bri decided at the end of that year to return to Fort Lewis College. She confidently maintained her honors status at FLC.

During this last year, she found a new zest for life. That zest came from her 883 Harley-Davidson Sportster, “Betty.” Betty brought Bri together with a new group known as the Hardly Angels. While in this group she became an avid stunt rider. Many of you may have watched her perform during these events. Bri and “Betty” also took on the world of pin-up modeling. They could sometimes be seen conquering this together, other times separately, but nevertheless, Bri left her high heel print in this world, like she did with anything else she touched even just briefly.

Anything that Brianna did, she jumped into with both feet (most of the time stiletto-clad feet) at once. Bri loved life and lived life with no regrets and no apologies. Brianna’s zest for life, tenacious spirit and free spiritedness will be missed by all.

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