Love the water? Now you can rent a boat

McPhee Boat Rentals rents pontoon boats and fishing boats to enthusiasts

David Smith saw a need for people to enjoy the lake and opened McPhee Boat Rentals in Dolores. Enlargephoto

Sam Green/Dolores Star

David Smith saw a need for people to enjoy the lake and opened McPhee Boat Rentals in Dolores.

After the McPhee Marina burned down in 2002, individuals hoping to rent boats were left with few options.

Thanks to McPhee Boat Rentals however, local water enthusiasts now have a place to fulfill their boat-rental needs.

Opened in 2011, the small boat rental business located at the Riverside Gas Station rents a fleet of four boats at reasonable prices.

“I was up here with a bunch of friends, and we wanted to go fishing,” said McPhee Boat Rentals owner David Smith, describing how the business came about. “I looked around and I couldn’t find a boat to rent, so I said, we’ll buy a few boats and see what happens.”

Among the boats that the business currently rents are two 19-foot pontoon boats that seat up to nine people.

Powered by 60-horsepower 4-cycle engines, the pontoon boats contain all the amenities necessary to enjoy a day on the water, including iPod hookups and a stereo system. A propane grill can also be mounted on the pontoon boats.

Also available for rent at McPhee Boat Rentals are two 16-foot tiller boats that are ideal for fishing. Powered by fuel-efficient 20 horsepower engines, the tiller boats seat up to five people and are easy to start and operate.

While renters are given the option of towing the tiller boats, the pontoon boats are delivered to the lake and picked up as part of the rental price.

“Basically, you follow me up to the lake, I show you how to run the boat and off you go to do your own thing,” said Smith. “At the end of the day, I pick you up.”

Although rental rates vary according to the time of the rental and type of boat, a 10-hour tiller boat rental costs $110 while a full day pontoon rental costs $415.

Asked what makes renting a boat from McPhee Boat Rentals worthwhile, Smith explained that spending a day on McPhee Reservoir is hard to beat.

“(McPhee Reservoir) is hardly utilized,” said Smith. “It’s not uncommon when you go out there to see only one boat. People that go out have a great time. It’s a wonderful body of water.”

For more information about McPhee Boat Rentals or to reserve a boat, visit the McPhee Boat Rentals website at or call 970-676-1119.