The Visitor Center is here for local residents as well as tourists

During the summer months there is a large focus on out-of-towners, but the VC is here for local residents, too. The VC also has the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search and Rescue Card (CORSAR) available. The cards cost $3 per person for one year or $12 per person for 5 years.

If you enjoy camping, hiking, biking, cross-country skiing - in other words, if you like to get out and enjoy the outdoors but you don't have hunting or fishing license, the CORSAR is a valuable and affordable resource. It's a way to prepare for the unexpected and ensures that someone will be there to help you without additional expense.

Even if you access search and rescue, it is a way to support Colorado search and rescue volunteers and their team effort to help others.

Every year, the VC restocks its shelves with useful hiking, biking and fishing maps as well as brochures about survival tips to take along, as you enjoy our region's magnificent mountains, forests and canyons.

My favorite quote from a flier provided by SJMA is, "The Best Survival Tool - The Brain: Keeping the brain hydrated and in the shade will be every bit as beneficial as any gee-whiz survival gizmo."

This was followed with some basic survival skills if you should ever get lost:

Do not panic.

Stay in one place.

Keep your priorities straight: If you are injured, that's your first priority. But, then there's water, shelter, dry clothing and maybe the need for a fire to keep you warm or to use as a signal for your whereabouts.

SJMA is a valuable partner

The San Juan Mountains Association is a partner with the Chamber of Commerce and the Visitor Center (VC). SJMA provides the VC with a variety of books about wildflowers, birds, mushrooms, hiking trails, and even children's books and toys.

There is also a collection of excellent books by our local historian, Darrel Ellis, as well as our favorite western author, Louis L'Amour. We now have in stock Louie L'Amour T-shirts, hats and some DVDs of some of his classic movies.

Mancos Days is near

Remember, Mancos Days is just around the corner. The Mancos Valley Arts Council will be setting up their annual cowboy photo booth in Boyle Park for that event.

The VC will have the 81328 photo exhibit hung in the Mancos Town Gallery, too. "The Cat's Meow" is the theme this year and it ought to be great fun.

The Western Heritage exhibit is coming together in the Mancos Town Gallery at the VC. The artist reception is set for next Friday, July 11.

Come join us at 5:30 p.m. for refreshments and conversations about this very unique and interesting exhibit.

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