Nonprofits appreciate support of officials

On June 12, nonprofit leaders from the five counties of Southwest Colorado met with funders and government officials at this year’s Rural Philanthropy Days meetings in Pagosa Springs. Pressing issues discussed for our region include the need for increased access to early childhood care and education and the severe region-wide shortage of affordable supportive housing. These are extremely complicated issues that affect many families and individuals throughout Montezuma County.

Both Tom Butler, Cortez city councilman, and Keenan Ertel, Montezuma County commissioner, made time in their busy schedules to attend the discussions in Pagosa. We are most grateful for their time and attention to these important discussions.

The nonprofits of Southwest Colorado have an enormous set of tasks ahead of them to grapple with these issues, but these tasks cannot be accomplished without the crucial contributions of our local governments. Again, we deeply appreciate their continued dedication to improving the quality of life for all residents of Montezuma County.

Rural Philanthropy Days Steering Committee

Montezuma County Shawn K. Collins, Rose Jergens, MB McAfee, and Laurie Knutson