Tipton helpful to military veterans

In response to Robert Valencia’s June 14 letter in the Journal slamming our U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton for not supporting our military veterans as he promised in 2010. Where has Valencia been? Hiding under a rock somewhere? Rep. Tipton has been working diligently and tirelessly in an effort to help and/or support all of our military veterans. An example of how Rep. Tipton helped my Korean War veteran husband is as follows: All we were receiving from the Grand Junction VA hospital was disinformation, stalling and a big run-around. After several weeks of this we made a call to Rep. Tipton’s office and explained the VA problem. Rep. Tipton immediately fired off a congressional letter of complaint to the Grand Junction VA followed by an assignment of two field investigators to look into the problem. Within 24 hours, the VA was backtracking and graciously agreed to stop the bureaucratic nonsense and provide the service and help this Korean War veteran had earned and needed. I am here to say the Grand Junction VA help was received and continues today. Thank you to Rep. Scott Tipton! My advice to you Valencia is to come out of his rat hole and know what he is talking about before he opens his mouth and speaks!

Merlane Johnson