Sheriff’s Blotter

Felony menacing

Tuesday July 1

4:17 p.m. A woman reported a bullet came through a window of her house. She said she was at work when her son contacted her about the bullet. Her son told a sheriff’s deputy that he had been sleeping when he heard a plant fall in the living room. The plant pot had a hole from the bullet. A neighboring man called law enforcement to say his older brother had been outside shooting a firearm and was scaring him. A trooper and a deputy arrived at the house, and the deputy asked the brothers who shot the firearm. One of the men said he was upset and was shooting out in his field. The deputy told him the window had been shot in his neighbor’s house. The man said he had done it on purpose and he was trying to kill someone. The trooper located the weapon, a .22 caliber rifle, and took possession of it. Another deputy arrived on scene to assist, and the man began calling out racial slurs at him and also made threats to the deputy. The man said he would not cooperate with anyone until this deputy left. It was decided the deputy would wait around the corner to see if that would help. The deputy then went over and handcuffed the man and told him he was not under arrest at this time, but did read him his Miranda rights since he was in handcuffs. The brother who called the police said the man became angry earlier and broke into his mother’s room to get alcohol and the firearm. The man then went out to the field to drink and shoot. He said he saw his brother shoot the firearm at some nearby residences and toward their home. Three homes and one vehicle had bullet holes in them. When a sergeant showed up, the shooter began to bang his head on the windows of the patrol vehicle. The shooter was arrested for felony hold for menacing, prohibited use of weapons, reckless endangerment, and criminal mischief.

Car burglary

Sunday June 29

.. A woman contacted a sergeant wanting to report her car being damaged while camping north of Mancos. She told the Sergeant she and her friends had gone for a hike and when they returned she saw someone had broken the front passenger window with a rock and taken her purse. The purse was valued at $25 and contained $200 in cash.

Possession of marijuana by juveniles

Thursday June 26

9:24 p.m. A deputy patrolling Road G saw a gold Buick sedan on the side of the road with the lights off. When the deputy approached the sedan, he saw three male juveniles inside and could also smell a strong odor of burned marijuana. The deputy contacted the driver and while speaking with him saw a glass jar in the cup holder containing what looked like marijuana and a glass pipe for smoking marijuana on the center console. The deputy asked all three males if they had been smoking marijuana. The driver said no and the two passengers said they had smoked a bowl. The deputy asked if there was anything else illegal in the car. A passenger showed the deputy a bong used for smoking marijuana. They were all asked to exit the sedan, and the deputy searched it. The deputy located more drug paraphernalia, and one of passenger claimed it. The deputy issued a summons to the two juveniles and the driver for possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of less than 2 ounces of marijuana.