Kinder Morgan expands to Goodman Point

Company plans to conduct seismic studies on private land

Kinder Morgan plans to conduct seismic geophysical surveys on private land in the Goodman Point area.

Larry Smith, permit manager for subcontractor Geophysical Land Services, presented the proposal to the Montezuma County commissioners on Monday, July 7, and it was forwarded for review to the planning department.

“We’ve nearly completed the Cow Canyon seismic project, and now are moving to the Goodman Point area, which is about half the size,” Smith said.

The survey is planned for a 47 square miles in the vicinity of County Roads 19 and L. There are 157 landowners within the study area.

The seismic survey uses underground explosives and vibrator trucks, along with a series of 13,000 receivers devices laid out in a grid across the landscape. The survey develops a three-dimensional image of the geologic structure underlying the project area.

As many as three helicopters will be used to transport portable drill rigs that drill 4-inch holes 45 feet in depth that are loaded with explosive charges.

Kinder Morgan owns mineral leases under private land in the area, and has legal access to survey and drill for CO2.

“We’re visiting with landowners to work around houses, barns, waterlines and agricultural structures,” Smith said.

The survey work is expected to begin this winter and take 45-60 days to complete. Forty-fifty personnel will conduct the shot-hole drilling activities, and 60 workers will place the receivers. The survey will run from the north to the south, and involve 40 to 50 vehicles.

County commissioner Steve Chappell emphasized the importance of avoiding driving heavy equipment on unfrozen ground.

“It makes good sense to avoid that because it causes a lot of damage to people’s fields,” he said. “You should be aware that with 8 inches of snow on top, the ground never freezes.”

Bob Clayton, a community-services contractor for Kinder Morgan, said the company is looking more towards developing wells on leases it owns under private property.

“It has been quite a chore getting permits on BLM and Canyon of the Ancients National Monument,” he said.