Mancos Briefs

Sidewalk improvements over budget

The town board voted on July 9 to approve a bid from L&L construction to do the work on the town's curbs, gutters and some sidewalks. The board decided to use $20,000 from the capital improvement fund for the project. The money had been set aside as savings for a potential major equipment purchase in the future. But the board member identified crumbling curbs as a pressing need.

The town will also use the $10,000 budgeted for the hazardous sidewalk program. The town is splitting half the cost of sidewalk replacement with residents who signed up for the 50:50 match program.

The town's share of the sidewalk replacements was estimated to be $5,340. However, the residents had to provide their half of the cost up-front to participate, and the money had not been collected as of the meeting.

Mancos native graduates from CU

Mancos native Amorina Lee-Martinez graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder, where she double-majored in environmental studies and studio arts. She graduated magna cum laude in environmental studies.

Marijuana transaction fee discussed

The town board discussed setting the town's flat transaction on recreational marijuana purchases at $2 in a meeting on July 9. The board didn't vote on the issue, but instructed the town administrator to begin drafting an ordinance.

If passed, the flat fee would go into effect Jan. 1, 2015. Trustee James Maestas said that he would't want a fee higher than $5.

The fee will help offset the administration costs of overseeing new marijuana shops, said Town Administrator Andrea Phillips.

Next Wednesday, the town will discuss amending the land-use code to allow recreational marijuana shops in the highway business district. The town has passed the local laws that govern the licensing of new recreational marijuana shops.

Water district delays decision

The Mancos Water Conservancy District board decided to postpone a decision about taking ownership of Jackson Reservoir from the Bureau of Reclamation until this fall.

The board members plans to hold another public meeting about the decision before voting on whether or not to start the process, Superintendent Gary Kennedy said. The board discussed the issue at the most recent meeting on July 8 but did not set a date for a public meeting, he said.

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