Restore transferable development rights

“When the facts are contrary to my opinion I change my opinion. What do you do, sir?” So said a famous economist. But, our country commissioners showed little regard for things like facts, expert testimony, or the public’s wishes when they recently repealed an important aspect of our land use code for the Dolores River Valley.

Most of the testimony from right and left of the political fence showed how the recently repealed section enhanced and protected private property rights, water, and our river valley. But, it was all carelessly brushed aside by the commissioners as needless regulation. This was done because the land use code didn’t conform to some idea in their heads about the way things ought to be. To perdition with all practical consideration for the way things work.

If things are not unfolding in every way like our little ideas tell us they should, why then they must be fixed! When the ideologues in Cambodia took over they tried to make all the rivers run straight because the meandering streams were contrary to their ideas about efficiency. In some ways this reminds me of the recent action by our county commissioners. We pay these men well, and we deserve better.

Kevin Russell Cook