Stoner liquor license denied

Commission denies request because restaurant hasn’t opened

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In 2013, Mary Janes at Stoner was granted a liquor license for a planned restaurant and bar on property in the Dolores Valley.

So far, though, the restaurant proposed by Frank McDonald hasn’t opened. On Monday, the lack of action has prompted the liquor license renewal to be revoked by the Montezuma County commission.

“The state recommended that it be revoked because there is not an operating facility at the location,” said deputy clerk Lynn Dorenkamp.

Under Colorado liquor laws, there is not set time for a proprietor to open a restaurant once a liquor license is obtained. But Dorenkamp and county attorney John Baxter said the county has the discretion to revoke the license due to the lack of progress in the last year.

“(The commission) is within their legal bounds to deny (the license),” Baxter said. “If he appeals, we can provide a public hearing for him to respond.”

McDonald was not present at the hearing. Clerk Dorenkamp said he was notified by certified mail of the meeting.

“He called this morning and said he was in a gated community and did not have access to the letter,” she said.

McDonald and investors had plans for a restaurant, bar, and a live music venue at Stoner, located 12 miles north of Dolores on Colorado 145. At one point, he reported plans to create a marijuana venue at the location as well. Earlier this month, Montezuma County banned retail marijuana stores within county jurisdiction.

“I’ve been out there, and nothing is happening. It looks vacant,” said commissioner Keenan Ertel.