Sheriff's blotter

Alcohol consumption- Criminal Trespass

Sunday, July 20

1:23 a.m. While on patrol in Dolores, a deputy received information there were people trying to break into a restaurant. The deputy pulled into the parking lot and began to walk around the north side of the building when he saw a door that appeared to be open. He then heard something moving around on the other side of a wooden fence to the south of the building. The deputy identified himself and received no response. Other deputies arrived to assist and checked the building. Deputies went to speak with the person who reported the possible break-in when they saw a juvenile male hiding between the reporting person's house and the restaurant. The juvenile said he had just been hanging out and had not broken into the restaurant and he would not snitch on his friends who had. The deputy asked him if he and his friends had been the ones to be causing acts of mischief around town; he said they might have been. The deputy then placed the juvenile in handcuffs and put him in the back of the patrol car. The deputies later located the other juvenile male, who had alcohol on his breath, and detained him. The owner of the restaurant arrived and said nothing was missing and there was no sign that anyone had entered. Both juveniles were released to their parents. A summons for second-degree criminal trespass and illegal consumption of alcohol by an underage person was issued to one of the boys.