Police Blotter


Tuesday, July 15

4:25 p.m. A man was arrested at Blondies Trophy Room for taking $28 off one of the tables. The bar manager called the police after he saw the man take it off the table. When the police officer arrived and questioned the man, he denied taking the money. The money was later discovered in his shoe after the man was taken to jail.


Tuesday, July 15

3:21 p.m. A man reported someone had taken a dryer from his yard. He said he had seen two men in a GMC truck parked in his driveway before the dryer vanished.

Intoxicated pedestrian

Monday, July 14

10:04 a.m. A man was taken to jail after he walked out into traffic and was almost hit by an oncoming car. After he was almost hit by a car he stood in the car and made gestures at them. The police report showed he had a BAC l level of 0.387.


Saturday, July 12

10:48 p.m. Police officers found a bloodied man laying on the ground at Blondies Trophy Room. A witness said she saw five men jump the victim. Another witness said he saw the man get kicked in the face and stomped on. The victim was taken to the emergency room but he did not want to press charges.

Property damage

Saturday, JulY 11

4:18 p.m. Two bullet holes were found in the hood of a vehicle at 4X4 Auto Sales on South Broadway. The owner estimated the damage at $600. There were no leads on the case.