Dolores 40 years ago

Taken from the Friday, Aug. 2, 1974 pages of the Dolores Star

Senator Peter H. Dominick has expressed pleasure that the Senate Appropriations Committee saw fit to report their recommendation for in excess of $70 million to be appropriated for projects in our state, much of which included money for the Fryingpan Arkansas project and the Colorado River Water Quality Improvement Program. Of that money $204,000 was included for planning the Dolores Project.

On July 9, it was discovered by Skip and Sue Anderson that a window in the Remuda Gallery had been broken and a BB gun valued at $20 was missing. Thieves apparently thought that they were getting a 30-30 rifle. The BB gun looks so much like the real 30-30 that very few people knew it wasn't.

Frontier Days wrap up was a major topic at Tuesday's meeting of the Chamber of Commerce directors at which Marc Brincivalli praised the work of General Chairman of the event Sue Anderson for her fine work in organizing the events with little assistance. The two-days of celebration lost money on some events and made money on others with some total deficit expected when all bills are paid. Not too many persons turned out for the barbecue and it proved to be the largest loss.

The Dolores Fire Dept. received a call last Thursday at 2:30 p.m. which sent them to the plywood plant to check out a possible fire. A forest service lookout tower reported seeing what might have been smoke in the vicinity of the plant but which turned out to be nothing.

The Dolores Public Library will sponsor a story hour, beginning next week.

Barbara Stock, Ruby Gonzales and Phyllis Carver sponsored a potluck picnic Monday evening at Emerson campground, in honor of the Bill Stowes, who are moving in Hagerman, New Mexico to teach. Attending were Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gonzales and family, Maggie Orr and family, Phyllis Carver and family, Amy Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Neely of Cortez, Jean Fischer, Tom Long and Susan McRae.

Mr. and Mrs. Sarge Post of Basalt drove down last weekend to visit with the Earl Carvers and to watch their granddaughter, Amy Carver, play in the Little League All Star game.

Gwen and Vincent Carver took part in the horsemanship division of Montelores Junior Fair in Cortez the last part of this week; Amy participated in the photography division. Gwen helped decorate for the 4-H Dress Revue.

Gwen Carver, Montelores Junior Fair Queen and her attendants, Cammy Allmon and Sherril Ives, rode in the Mancos Days Parade last weekend.

Mr. and Mrs. Art Anstine and Felita of Telluride, Barbara Webb, and Jodie Biard were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Squires.

Shannon LivicK