River Talk: Pony Expresso gets help with sign

A new sign is going up at Pony Expresso, and owner Mark Looper was excited to see it happening.

"When we opened, we literally did it with every penny we had to our name," Looper said.

Looper and wife and business partner Teresa Howell painted the sign white, over the previous business name over a year ago. Teresa's sister in-law made the vinyl cut outs that Looper then placed on the sign before the business opened. They were a bit small, but it was the best the two could do.

Today a new colorful and easy-to-read sign has gone up, thanks to a customer.

"Otter Lopez came into the Pony, and we struck up a conversation about his artwork," Looper said.

And three months later, a new sign goes up.

"Each side of the sign will be different but will display our name and logo. We wanted an eye- catching sign while promoting a great artisan from our area."

Boater-friendly fence is up on the Dolores

Those that raft or tube down the Dolores River should note that the Dolores River Boating Advocates, a recently formed nonprofit group, installed a Boater-Safety fence near the Lightenburger ranch. The fence was installed to replace wire fences that Lightenburger stretched across the river to keep his cattle where they belong. The fence has small diameter PVC pipes hanging from a cable. The fence is designed to keep cattle away and let boaters glide right through. It is rumored to be the first boater-safety fence on the Dolores River and is a much safer alternative to wire fencing.

Dolores residents participate in county fair

Many local Dolores residents are busy with the Montezuma County Fair. From cake decorating to shooting, local youth are showing off their skills and hard work. They are also busy spiffing up their dogs, goats, sheep, horses and even their turkeys and chickens. The fair is something not to miss.

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Shannon Livick