Nashville's Harpeth Rising appearing in Dolores

Harpeth Rising, of Nashville, will play the Dolores River Brewery on Friday, Aug. 8. Cover is $5.

Three classically trained musicians from Nashville will perform at the Dolores River Brewery on Aug. 8. at 8 p.m. Cover is $5.

Harpeth Rising, named after a river in Tennessee, plays sets of original folk songs mixed with other genres.

"We do old-folk revival and also wacky covers - from Nancy Sinatra to the Beatles," said banjo player Rebecca Lunn. "If you like different kinds of music, we have something for you."

Rounding out the trio is Jordana Greenberg on violin and lead vocals and Maria Di Meglio on cello.

The three met in music school at Indiana University and have been together as a band for five years, touring and producing several albums.

"We all rebelled after graduation," Reed-Lunn says. "Little Bloomington, Indiana is home to the largest music school in the country. There are six orchestras in town."

A unique feature of the band is their innovative use of pedal percussion. The hello player sits on a cajón that she plays with her foot, the two other band members use foot pedals that play a snare drum, tambourine, and cowbell.

The band has played background music for video games, but has bigger dreams.

"We're hoping to expand our audience and play larger venues," Reed-Lunn said. "But we also love festivals and small-town bars like the Dolores River Brewery."