Voters pick top chili, salsa

Staci Gallaher of Dolores looks to her daughte, Jaycee, for her opinion as they taste and judge the Montezuma County Fair chili competition.

More than 100 residents waited in line to taste and cast a ballot for their top salsa and chili recipes at the Montezuma County Fair last week.

Labeled S-1 thru S-12, there were a dozen salsa entries, including one with mango. There were a handful of chili contestants, tagged C-1 thru C-5. Some had beans, others didn't.

"They were all good," said Jaycee Gallaher, of Dolores.

She and her mother, Staci, were among the judges. They both chose C-3, a white bean and chicken chili as their favorite.

Olivia Marion of Cortez admitted she found her award-winning white bean and chicken chili recipe on the Internet. She won a new crock-pot in a landslide cook-off victory using the tech savvy approach.

"I'll be back next year," said Marion.

Kayla Hageman, of Arriola, 16, used her mother's recipe, winning a chip platter by a single vote.

Royanne Lichliter, who returned from Denver to attend her home county fair, wasn't too disappointed taking second place using a friend's salsa recipe.

"I won $15," she said.