Sheriff’s blotter


Sunday, Aug. 3

2:18 p.m. A man reported someone broke into his truck and removed a large number of items, including tools, paint supplies and a sleeping bag. The driver’s side window was also broken. A person told the victim they may have seen the vehicle the suspect was driving and told him where it was parked. A sergeant contacted the suspect and located all the stolen items in the back of the vehicle. The sergeant arrested the man for first-degree criminal trespass.

Obstructing a peace officer

Friday, Aug.1

10:12 a.m. A deputy patrolling U.S. 160 saw a gold Jeep with items hanging from the driver’s rearview mirror, blocking the driver’s vision. When the deputy contacted dispatch, he was told the car should be white in color, the owner has two active warrants, and his driving privileges were revoked. While the deputy was talking with dispatch at the front of the patrol vehicle, the driver started running away on the shoulder of the road. The deputy told the driver to stop running or he would be tased. He continued to advise the driver to stop running or he would be tased, he didn’t comply. The deputy deployed the taser cartridge as the driver jumped off the shoulder and down an embankment. The deputy used one five-second cycle to gain compliance. The deputy told the driver to stay on the ground and called for medics to check on him. When that was complete, the deputy arrested the man on the warrants and issued a summons for driving a motor vehicle with a license under restraint, driver’s vision obstructed through required glass, resisting arrest, and obstructing a peace officer.

Reckless driving

Wednesday, July 30

6:25 p.m. A detective saw a gold Subaru wagon attempt to pass him in an unsafe and reckless manner. There was a truck pulling a camper in front of the detective and a truck coming in the opposite lane traveling about 65 mph. When the detective pulled the driver over, he exited his station wagon and began to charge the patrol vehicle. The detective ordered the driver back into his station wagon and after three times, he returned. The detective asked for his driver’s license and all other required documents. The driver began to thumb through a newspaper and then opened his glove box and started reading some cards he had in there. The detective asked the man if he was OK and if he saw the truck coming when he attempted to pass. He stated: “What truck?” The truck went in a ditch to avoid a collision. When the detective ran the driver’s information, he found the man had an active warrant. The detective arrested him on the warrant and issued him a summons for reckless driving.