Robert Owen Fuller

Memorial services for Cortez resident, Robert Owen Fuller were held on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 at the Ute Mountain American Legion.

Robert “Bob” Owen Fuller and Molly K. Warren were married Dec. 24, 2006. I am proud of all Military, Police, Sheriff and Firefighters. They go to danger, we run from danger. Thank each one. We were a nation of In God We Trust.

Bob enjoyed Molly’s three children, Rysta and Kim Williford, Kelly & Jerry Ayers and Chadd Warren; Molly’s 11 grandchildren; and 11 great grandchildren. He loved Bonnie dog, his baby; and cats, Sir-Bounce-a-Lot and Sugar/Boots.

Bob’s parents are Alva and Ruth Owen Fuller. He was born and raised in Colorado Springs. Bob was industrious as early as grade school. Saving money to buy a bushel of apples; in his wagon he went to a busy street corner and sold one to two apples at a time. He found the college and zoo would buy rattlesnakes for venom. They would not buy damaged snakes, and paid more for small ones. He rigged up a rope looped through a pipe and caught them in holes, etc., putting them in gunny sacks. He always gave his Mom the money for food. She paid 10% to her church faithfully. After a year of college, he worked for Mountain Bell a.k.a. Ma Bell Tele for three years. In the Navy Bob was assigned to a Submarine but not stationed as a Frogman. He was stationed on the USS Boise, the Navy’s most elite Battleship of WWII. He became an explosives instructor. Out in the field, with about seven students, he told them not to do anything until he was with them. One man decided he knew it all, messed with the explosives and they blew up, killing five men. Bob and another man fought for a month or more in the hospital, the Navy honorably discharged Bob, with almost 100% hearing loss and other injuries. He went back to “Ma Bell” for 17 years and retired.

Bob is the father of Barbara, Jackie and Richard. Preceding him in death were his brothers, Ralph and Alvin.

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