Cortez does not need new stadium

As this years school time gets closer and it could be the last year for football at Panther Stadium, we need to ask the school board members and superintendent, why do we need a new high school stadium? We have a perfectly nice stadium right now with a good location, with lights, and bathrooms.

Sure they could be upgraded some, but at least we have them! I couldn’t believe it when I heard that the new stadium was not going to have lights or bathrooms. No lights? Who wants to have all their games on Saturday afternoons when everyone has many other things to do on the weekends. Also, I understand they are going to put artificial turf on the field, thinking that will save money. Have they really checked into the cost of maintaining the artificial turf, how long will it last, and then the cost of replacing it, with the possibility of more injuries on it?

They are trying to say the district can use this stadium for more area playoff games and other events, which the present stadium is just fine to use. Have we had any of the other teams use it for playoffs or events? No, they want to use their own home fields.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to look into a new building over by the present stadium that would have showers and lockers for teams to change in rather than have the expense of a brand new stadium? I have a lot of friends and family that don’t even live here, and they say that we have really great stadium right now — why build another one just be close to the school and let the old one be hardly used at all.

What a waste of taxpayer dollars! By the way, why wasn’t this mentioned when the bond was wanting to be passed? Maybe I missed it, if I did, I am sorry but we really don’t need a new stadium!

David Schaak