Cortez showed kindness during bear incident

I was traveling through Cortez on July 18 and I was just about 17 miles north of town when a bear came out of nowhere. Unfortunately I couldn’t avoid hitting the bear. The bear was badly injured and had to be put down. It was a very traumatic experience for my three children and me. There were several people that stopped, local and non-local.

There was a wonderful woman who took my children onto her farm to show them the animals so they didn’t see the bear being put down.

The officers were so kind and very patient. It wasn’t an experience that a city girl like myself was used to. I would expect to hit anything but a bear. As I drove back into town with my broken car and one workable head light, I was pulled over. The officer asked me how my night was and just fell apart again. When I told him I hit a bear and I was lost, he said, “Oh that was you!” I chuckled and said yes it was.

The people of Cortez, the officers of the county and city, the Fish and Game department, and the people in general there were wonderful. I used to live in a small town years ago and I miss the feel of small towns.

They were genuine and helping out a mom with her children who were just trying to get from point A to point B. Thank you, Cortez, and those involved in helping my family. You will be forever remembered — not just because I hit a bear, but because of the hospitality and kindness I received there. Thank you.

Jennifer Balistreri

Rio Rancho, NM