A celebration of Dolores

Escalante Days looks to improve annual festival in 2015 by expanding events for teens

Jason DeWeese and Tim Montgomery battle in the heavyweight division of the men's arm wrestling tournament.

Escalante Days (and Nights) went off without a hitch, attracting an estimated 1,000 people into Dolores Friday and Saturday.

"Overall it went really well, but there are some things we will try and improve for next year," said Rocky Moss, event organizer.

More recycling bins are needed, and expanding events for teenagers is also a plan for 2015.

"There are events for adults and little kids, but more is needed for the tweens and high-school age participants," Moss said.

Next year Moss plans to involve more high school clubs, bring in more non-profits and businesses to host events, and improve the street dance portion of the festival.

"Having an organized square-dancing group, or a dance troupe to host the street dance I think would be fantastic and get more people involved in that," Moss said.

Next year Escalante Days will be combined with the All School Reunion, which happens every five years. The reunion attracts hundreds of alumni and their families from Dolores Schools going back 50 years.

"Next year will be huge, we are already planning for it and brainstorming a theme," Moss said. "We want to build on what we have and make it fun for all ages."

Event results are still coming in! Check the Escalante Days Facebook page in the coming days at https://www.facebook.com/EscalanteDays.