Thanks to road crews for their fine work

Heading in to my job at the Four Corners Child Advocacy Center in Cortez, I got stopped again by the construction crew. The line of cars was already long and the lady in front of me was swearing and gesturing angrily at the road crew that held us up for almost 10 minutes. The workers were embarrassed and refused to look in our direction. When we were waved on, she zoomed her car angrily and tore off, leaving discouragement in her wake. Hatefulness is highly contagious.

It can be hard to be thankful for our road crews and what they do. You get held at the Dolores Bridge for up to 10 minutes and then again once or twice again along Highway 145. But I found a trick to making it less stressful and even fun! When you pass a worker, roll down your window, smile like a fool, and shout “thank you very much! Road looks great!” Give them a thumbs-up sign or as I do, a Hawaiian shaka! Grab an extra Slushy at the gas station and hand it to one of them as you sit in the heat waiting on the go sign. We are so fortunate to live in a country where our roads are maintained and work is performed to standard. Thank you, CDOT! Thank you as well, to every single road crew member standing there in the dust and heat and steam and sweat and rain, directing traffic and spreading asphalt. The road really does look and feel terrific and we are proud of the fine job you have done!

Summer H. Kabakoro