LPEA installing self-service payment kiosk

La Plata Electric Association has been installing a customer self-service kiosk this week outside LPEA headquarters at 45 Stewart St. in Bodo Business Park in Durango.

The drive-through kiosk will be available 24/ 7 and will replace the staffed drive-through window. The drive-through is closed during construction, which started on Aug. 12 and was expected to last about a week.

With the kiosk, members will be able to pay bills with a credit or debit card, check, or cash (no change; excess payments will be credited to the member's account). Payments will post immediately to the member's account, eliminating risk of a disconnect for non-payment.

Members will need their account number, or they can scan the bar code on their printed bills.

Customer service representative Betsy Lovelace said LPEA is in the process of creating code cards similar to grocery store loyalty cards, that will carry the bar code/ account number. Customers will be able to view their complete bill on the kiosk screen.

For more information call 247-5786 or go on-line to www.lpea.coop.