Off-road event coming to Cortez

50 vehicles expected to race on McElmo Canyon course

Speed aficionados and four-wheel drive enthusiasts be aware: A major off-road racing event is scheduled to take place near Cortez this weekend and the event might be worth a look.

Sponsored by W.E. Rock Dirt Riot Endurance Racing, the event will take place on Aug. 16 at the Battle Rock Off-Road Park in McElmo Canyon. Races will begin at 9 a.m. and continue throughout the day.

Among the vehicles scheduled to compete in this weekend’s races will be UTV’s, stock 4x4’s and custom built off-road racing rigs. A UTV class, three trail classes and two pro classes will be featured.

“We’re expecting 50 cars at this event,” said W.E. Rock business manager Shelley Krehbiel. “The races will serve as the culmination of our Southwest Series and Mountain Series.”

According to Krehbiel, racers will circle a challenging 5-mile course that features farm land, solid rock, several altitude changes and a creek. Racers will attempt to circle the course as many times as possible within one or two hours depending on the class.

“There’s always a lot of excitement,” said Krehbiel. “You get to see some high speed and you get to see some good passes. It’s a good venue because the spectators are able to see a lot of the course.”

Individuals interested in learning more about off-road racing or meeting drivers are encouraged to attend a “meet and greet,” which will take place at Jimmy’s 4x4 from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. on Aug. 15.

For more information on this weekend’s races, contact Rich Klein at 530-417-5333.