Commissioners headed for hall of shame

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Montezuma County commissioners may think you’ve won and perhaps the future may prove it so. But, even if they win this meaningless, no purpose battle, they will ultimately be the losers. The names Steve Chapell, Larry Don Sukla and Keenan Ertel will be remembered in our not-too-distant future, as Montezuma County commissioners who blundered with blindered ideology (or whatever else motivated them) and chose to ignore the wisdom, wishes and the good of those they claimed to serve.

It’s so difficult to believe that elected officials could be so set on their own path that they have immunized themselves to the desires of the public who elected them and pay their salaries. They neither serve us or protect our basic interests. Who do they serve? Certainly not those who elected them.

Shame on us, who put them in a position to do their damage. Shame on them for ignoring those who put them in that place. Unfortunately, the real victims of their short-sighted, lack of understanding and pre-determined objectives are much too young to vote, or are not yet born. The sad consolation is that when our history is written and evaluated, many of our former commissioners will be judged on the plus side and at least two of them will be in our “hall of shame.”

Joel Kantor