Faces in the Crowd: Curator

A feature of The Dolores Star that matches faces with names of the people who make up the town of Dolores and keep it going.

Andrea Gover, of Seattle, has been working as a museum curation intern at the Anasazi Heritage Center this summer. She has a degree in anthropology from Western Washington University and plans to get a master's in Egyptian history. Her duties include creating a database search tool for researchers and conducting an inventory of artifacts. "I'm also involved in creating a visual aid for consulting Native American tribes to point out artifacts of interest that have sacred value," Gover said. Gover, 24, has a special interest in stone tools. She has been investigating Paleo Indian projectile points at the museum dated from 10,000 to 12,000 years ago. Check out her blog at http://andrea-gover.blogspot.com/