School board adopts vision statement

The Dolores School Board of Education adopted a new vision statement, a new mission statement and a new set of goals on Aug. 14 in an attempt to start the new school year on the right track.

Dolores School District Superintendent Scott Cooper said it had been nearly 10 years since the mission statement and the vision statement had been looked at, and it was about time they changed.

"It says more about children and how we are here to support the children," said Deanna Truelsen, school board member.

Board members voted 3-0 - board members Joye McHenry and Vangi McCoy were absent - to adopt the goals and statements.

The new vision statement states, "Our vision is to provide educational excellence for all students."

The previous vision statement was, "All stakeholders will become educated, productive and responsible citizens."

The new mission statement that was approved reads, "Our mission is to provide an educational foundation that fosters personal success for all students through an effective, innovative and positive learning environment."

The previous statement that this one will replace read, "To provide all of Dolores School District RE-4A students equal access to quality, thorough, uniform, well-rounded educational opportunities in a safe and civil learning environment."

Cooper said the new mission and vision statements reflect the current board's wishes.

"They weren't drastically changed, but they hadn't been looked at for over a decade," Cooper said.

All the approved documents help administration and employees at the school district make decisions.

"They help me go forward and guide me as a leader," he said.

The statements and goals were hashed out at a board member retreat on Aug. 5 in Rico.

Truelsen said she hoped the retreat allowed the board and the administration to set the tone for the year.

"We needed to have the retreat to set goals for the year, and the administration knows what we want and what we expect," Truelsen said.

The vision and mission statements appear to the left of all the board agendas and on the district's website.

The goals approved by the board on Thursday were rather lengthy, but some of them included that the Dolores School District will attain accreditation with distinction on a annual basis. Another goal set is to have the Teddy Bear Preschool become nationally accredited. Fourteen goals were adopted to guide the district over the next several years. The goals are academic, geared at creating a positive, student-centered culture and to remain fiscally responsible and maintain facilities well.

Also in the Aug. 14 meeting, which was fairly short and not well-attended, the school board approved new hires including special-education MS/HS paraprofessional Darryl Atcitty; special-education paraprofessional Katya Chorover; bus driver Michael Jones; elementary paraprofessional Melissa Hackett; MS/HS special-education paraprofessional Clint Schurr; MS/HS secretary Kaari Milligin; and food service custodian Gilbert Dunston. Also approved was the resignation of head basketball coach Tim Kercher.