School News: Students seem happy to be back in school

For the most part, students were thrilled to be back at school Monday in Dolores.

Dolores Elementary School Principal Sherri Maxwell reported seeing happy students, teachers and parents all glad to be back and in a routine.

"The energy today was very positive and surprisingly calm," Maxwell said Monday.

In addition, Maxwell said the enrollment at the elementary went up a bit. Maxwell reported about 330 students, compared with 325 last year.

Superintendent Scott Cooper said he saw quite a few new faces as well and believes that the numbers may be up this year at all the Dolores schools in terms of attendance, which is good news for the district.

Back to School Night a success

Back to School Night last Thursday was a success, according to Maxwell.

For the first time, Dolores students had to wait until Back to School night to find out who their teachers were.

In the past, students found out who their teacher was at registration. This allowed staff more time to balance classroom demographics after registration.

Back to School Night also allowed teachers and families to meet with their teachers and drop off supplies.

"Parents appreciated the chance to get to know their child's teacher and see where their child's classroom is located (before school). Teachers liked that they were able to put faces with students' and families' names. Teachers also like that kids had a chance to drop off school supplies, cutting down on the first day of school hubbub," Maxwell said.

It was also popular. About 77 percent of the students attended the event, Maxwell reported.

This smells like a new school tradition.

Preschoolset to open Monday

Teddy Bear Preschool in Dolores will open its doors on Aug. 25. The smallest of the bears have a parent orientation Friday, Aug. 22, from 9 to 10 a.m., during which students can bring in their school supplies and meet with their teachers.

Parent Teacher Org to meet

The Secondary Parent Teacher Organization will meet tonight, Aug. 21, at 3:45 in Mr. Thurston's office or the staff lounge.

This is a fairly new group that works to support students, teachers and staff. If you are interested, stop by and check it out.

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