Time to realize Democrats’ grave mistake

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How much more of this inexperienced dangerous man must we take? How much more before the Democrats admit the biggest mistake of their party in getting this community organizer elected? I know you must be able to think but can you act on those thoughts of regret? Our country is in the biggest mess we’ve ever seen and it all goes in a straight line to this little man in the White House.

If you heard his nonsense when he spoke about illegal immigrants recently, it should alarm everyone. He’s intending to give amnesty to more than 5 million people without the input of the House or Senate. He’s going to pass out work visas like they’re candy and yet nothing he’s done in more than five years has helped decrease the unemployment in this country or assisted our businesses in being able to hire more people. His and the Democrats’ answers to everything are higher taxes, more regulation and using their power to choose winners and losers in business.

Let’s not forget the debacle of destroying our coal industry which will raise the cost of all businesses, cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and raise the cost of energy for everyone including you and your family. The time is here to start planning to take back the Senate in the midterms and get rid of more of the Democrats in the House. Your responsibility doesn’t stop there though. You must stay on top of your representatives to make sure they do their jobs 24/7.

Wake up while you still have some freedoms left and can still speak out. Don’t let others silence you or you will lose everything important in your life and set your children on a path of never being able to decide their lives for themselves.

Catherine Spencer