IHS construction proceeds, but not smoothly

The block walls are going up at Ignacio High School, and the new main entrance is starting to take shape.

But there are continuing glitches, Superintendent Rocco Fuschetto told the school board on Aug. 14. New construction has to be melded in with the old.

"I have a list a mile long of all the issues," he said. "We opened a (old) wall last week and found a pipe wrapped in asbestos."

He also listed work in the locker rooms that has to be ripped out and replaced because the state inspector didn't approve it, even though what was there was better than what was required.

"We proved to him that this was a much better product, and he won't bend," Fuschetto said. As a result, the locker rooms won't be available for the first couple of games coming up.

Board president Toby Roderick commented, "Just because it's a better product doesn't mean it's been certified by the government."

"The state inspector won't give a (temporary certificate of occupancy) until we fix this," Fuschetto said.

Board member Bobby Schurman said this should be a contractor liability, not the district.

Roderick said, "We need to know whose decision it was to use a product that didn't have the stamps. That cost shouldn't be ours. If we didn't say we want this product instead of this other product, it shouldn't be on us."

Fuschetto said it wasn't his decision.

"That's not the only issue," he said. "Every time we open a trench, something else comes up. Unknown utilities. Some things are ahead (of schedule), some are behind." Lane lines on the track couldn't be sprayed on schedule because of rain, he said.

"You think you have something resolved, and something else comes up," he said.

Fuschetto reported that district representatives did a one year walk-through at the middle school and found a couple of things that need to be addressed. The elementary school continues to have roof issues that need to be resolved, he said.

Classes start Monday in Ignacio.