New vehicles send wrong message

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Two big thumbs down for the sheriff’s new SUVs. If I were a little kid who needed help from the police and the black Darth Vader deathmobile pulled up, I would run the other direction and seek out an adult for help from the bad guy. Seriously, is the sheriff trying to project that his department is aggressive, hostile, evil, and trying to take over the galaxy? The new SUV looks like something a sex offender would drive. Black is the wrong color for good guys (unless they aren’t good).

And as for the Cortez police, are they planning to feed cows, or help people move? Why does a city cop need a pickup truck? Gas is $3.60 a gallon and now we taxpayers have to pay for cops to drive low mileage farm mobiles? How about a little more crosswalk enforcement? Three times so far this summer I almost had to stop in the crosswalk for California plates that aren’t’ observing any of our traffic laws. The police have fancy $50,000 trucks — they should write some tickets.

Nels Werner