School News: Elementary school forming plan to stop bullying

If you think schools are taking a mild stance on bullying in Dolores, think again.

Dolores Elementary School Counselor Karen Finch and Dolores Elementary School Principal Sherri Maxwell have been working hard to stop it and educate all their students about it.

The two are presenting a fall anti-bullying campaign to all the elementary students this fall.

This year, several fifth-grade students are helping with the program by presenting a Reader's Theater skit entitled "Lace Up Against Bullying".

In the play, students stand up for a new student who is being bullied because he is wearing purple and orange shoe laces.

In support of the new student, the whole school decides to wear purple and orange shoe laces.

What makes this even more exciting is that Mrs. Finch has ordered purple and orange shoe laces for the entire student body at Dolores Elementary School. Laces will come home with the students in mid-September and students will wear them to school on Sept. 25.

September 25th will become the school's "Lace Up Against Bullying Day".

Now that is a good way to spread a good message.

Good news coming out of preschool

The first day at Teddy Bear Preschool was Monday, and all reports are good coming from the preschool.

Valiena Rosenkrance, director of Teddy Bear Preschool said it was a smooth first day. She credited part of this to their Back to School Day the week prior.

"It gave parents and children a chance to see the school and meet their teachers," she said.

There were no tears on the first day.

"They knew where they were going and what to do. So there were no tears. That was our biggest success," she said.

Rosenkrance reported that 58 children were attending Teddy Bear Preschool this year, which leaves room for a few more children.

This is going to be a big year for the staff at Teddy Bear Preschool, who are trying to get NAEYC certified. Only about 3 percent of preschools across the nation earn the National Association for the Education of Young Children distinction, so the staff has their work cut out for them. But I am sure they are up to it.

The school will have to meet about 500 criteria to make the distinction and will get a surprise visit some time between October and March.

Tune in to Bears football

Don't forget to tune into 93.3 D'Crow Radio on Saturday at 1 p.m. to listen to the Dolores Bears Football game against Coal Ridge High School. You can also listen at or on the Tune-In app.

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