River Talk: Firefighters get wet for ALS cause

The Dolores Volunteer Fire Department dumped a lot of water this week, but it wasn't on fire - it was on each other's heads.

Many volunteers with the fire department took part in the ALS Ice Buck Challenge, a fast-sweeping trend on social media that has people all over the world dumping ice water on their heads for ALS, amyotophic lateral sclerosis, often referred to as "Lou Gehrig's Disease."

Members of the fire department posed in front of fire trucks, and other members stood atop the trucks to dump ice water on the heads of their fellow firefighters to raise awareness and earn money for ALS.

Kim Jones, a member of the fire department and her daughter, Addie, both dumped ice water on their heads.

"It's just really important that we all spread the word and try to educate each other about the disease," Kim Jones said.

In turn, members challenged other people to do the same.

Kim Jones challenged the Rico Fire Department after posting a video of ice water being dumped on her head. Addie Jones challenged Dolores High School/Middle School Principal Brandon Thurston and Dan Redburn challenged the Mancos Fire Department.

No word yet on if any of those that were challenged took part.

Other Dolores firefighters who took part in the challenge: Billy McCoy, Daniel Haley and Josh McCoy.

"It was wonderful and the cool thing is that it brings everybody together to talk about ALS," Jones said.

Town crazy for quilts

Dolores was busy over the weekend, and I do dare say that the town went a bit fabric crazy. The Dolores Mountain Quilters had their biggest show ever and for a short time, Dolores, most likely had more quilters, quilt lovers and fabric fanatics than anywhere in the Four Corners. Local businesses too had a boon from the quilters in town.

Biard eyes town board seat

James Biard submitted his letter of interest to fill the vacancy on the Dolores Town Board left by Mark Youngquist Monday night. As of Monday, at the Dolores Town Board's workshop meeting, Biard has been the only one that has shown interest. Call The Dolores Town Hall if you are interested in filling the position as well, board members are expected to make a decision soon.

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Shannon Livick