Letters Don't blame county for TDRs

Our commissioners have received considerable criticism for changing the TDR plan on the Dolores River. This criticism has been based on opinion, not facts. The continuation of TDRs was a guarantee that only millionaires would be able to develop or build on a new tract of land. Since no market value was ever established for TDRs, the few owners of TDRs could hold hostage anyone wanting to develop a tract in the Dolores River Valley and possibly control development by pricing those rights beyond reach of ordinary citizens. Many of the larger tracts in the valley are protected by conservation easements, and many more will become protected. To assume that new development will be out of control is erroneous. The valley is still protected by regulations. Those who have complained the most and the loudest want to control what someone else has bought and paid for, and landowners pay a premium for what they own when they get a notice from the tax assessor. Those who complain the loudest couldn't buy a TDR if they wanted to.

Jerry Koskie

Lewis, Colo.