Home school families have choices, resources locally

By Karen Edmonds

Pine River Community Learning Center

Families make the decision to home school their children for many reasons.

Concerns about the school environment, a desire to instill deeply held values, or the need to provide individualized instruction for a child who is struggling in the public school classroom are just a few.

Proper home schooling requires a significant investment of time and energy. As a former home school parent, I experienced struggles familiar to those in the trenches such as what curriculum to use and whether I was hitting all the bases. Bucking popular stereotypes, statistics show that home schooled students in general are well-equipped to succeed socially, academically and professionally as they move into college and trades.

Home schoolers have a staggering array of approaches to choose from, including online and shared schooling, cross-curricular units, literature-based, classical, traditional, and eclectic approaches. Choosing from so many options can be a challenge. And then there are the extracurriculars - church activities, 4-H programs, private lessons, volunteer activities, and public school sports programs. Home school families understand all too well the adage, "So many choices; so little time."

Pine River Community Learning Center (PRCLC) delivers additional support to local home school families with enrichment classes, field trips, standardized testing, and social opportunities. This year's lineup includes martial arts/self-defense; studio art classes; safety classes with the Ignacio Police Department; gym time at SunUte Community Center; library and research skills; textiles; auctioneering; a glow party; field trips; and science classes taught by an award-winning science teacher.

PRCLC offers all-day or half-day programs for both K-5 and teen groups, plus general classes for all ages. Students enjoy one-on-one attention and small group instruction tailored to their developmental level.

Classes and activities are free for registered students who attend regularly.

Take advantage of open enrollment ending today! For a calendar and list of current class descriptions, drop by the center or call me at 563-0681, x109.

Karen Edmonds is the Home School Coordinator for Pine River Community Learning Center in Ignacio and Bayfield.

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