Readers deserve wider range of opinions

Hi Melanie,

I am still a subscriber to the Pine River Times and enjoy reading it, or used to.  As you know, you and I have not always seen eye to eye, but I would like to think there is somewhat a mutual respect of one another.  We just received the latest issue of the Times and I would have to say that Mr. Andrew Zeller's letter (Aug. 22) is right on target.  Where does Mr. Doug Bennett of the Herald (La Plata County's very LIBERAL and only newspaper) get off by serving such a large plate of disservice to the people of La Plata County?  

Do the people of La Plata County not deserve to be able to read world and national news, as well as local news?  I have not always agreed with Carole McWilliams' ideology and liberal views, but yes, I did read them as well as opposing views, that is when you were able to find someone who would write another view for your paper.  

I have wondered over the last few weeks why she and Tim Ogden did not have any political columns and now I know why.  I looked in depth at the paper to find where one would write a letter to the editor and it is not to be found, so it appears the Herald does NOT want letters to the editor, either. (Such a sad note.)  

I may be wrong, but I imagine you will receive many responses to Mr. Zeller's letter, that is, unless they have just canceled their subscriptions.

Thank you.

Your subscriber,

Tom  Royer

Cornville, Ariz.