Montezuma Alliance for Unity march set for Jan. 21

The Journal

The Montezuma Alliance for Unity, composed of action groups in Montezuma, plans a Women’s March for Unity at the Cortez Welcome Center at noon Saturday, Jan. 21.

The march intends to show solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington and similar marches across the country on Jan. 21. The public is invited to march or attend, Montezuma Alliance for Unity said in a news release.

The march starts at the Cortez Welcome Center at noon on Saturday, Jan. 21. Arrive early and look for volunteer organizers.

More information, including signage and parking suggestions, will be on the Montezuma Alliance for Unity Facebook page.

To learn more about Montezuma Alliance for Unity or attend its meetings, contact Glynis Verrazzano,, or Tulli Kerstetter,