GOP administration is best hope for business, jobs, environment

America needs to lead by strength and example

Please allow me to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am a Fort Lewis alumni. My name is Marsha Greyeyes-Appel, and I am the owner of a Native American owned company. As a woman, a Native American and a business owner, I'm concerned about our economy, our national defense and improving opportunities for our children.

I strongly believe in the power and opportunities of a free market economy. I am a member of the Navajo Nation in the event planning and construction supply businesses. As an entrepreneur, I took a risk in business and I strongly believe that the GOP and Mitt Romney will help improve our economy. I believe in Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan because promoting business will help create jobs. For example, we can achieve energy independence through clean coal, nuclear, solar, wind, and gas and oil while protecting the environment.

We can improve the future for our children promoting education and social programs at the local level rather than mandates from Washington, D.C. Our local leaders and decision makers are familiar with Indian country and what is best for our people. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand that the best ideas and opportunities come from local communities and local leaders.

As a Navajo woman, I am extremely grateful for and support a strong military. Along with the hearts and spirit of our armed forces, the Navajo Code helped save our country in World War II. We have a responsibility to protect our land and people. Without a strong military, how can we do so? Rather than apologizing for America, America needs to lead by strength and example.

Having grown up on the Navajo Reservation, I know Tribal Sovereignty and opportunities to succeed are critical issues in Indian Country. Tribal Nations are fully capable of economic development. We can look to our communities without the heavy hand of the federal government. We can improve our future. We are fully capable. I believe Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan respect our Tribal Sovereignty and self determination and understand that business and the free markets can do more to empower Indian communities.

Please join me in supporting economic liberty and freedom. Join me in supporting a brighter future in Indian Country and a strong national defense. Join me in supporting Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Thank you.

Marsha Greyeyes-Appel, a member of the Navajo Nation and a Fort Lewis College alumni, is an entrepreneur, owner of event planning and construction supply businesses.

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