Different choice, different result

Obama has orchestrated the most divisive political and cultural environment since the 1960s.

Message: If we keep doing things the same way, we'll keep getting the same results. Obama hasn't offered anything new in his yearlong re-election campaign – just more of the same, bigger government, higher taxes and partisanship.

Obama has orchestrated the most divisive political and cultural environment since the 1960s. In weekend speeches, he repeated his ludicrous claim that he'll work with anyone to overcome Washington's gridlock. A few weeks ago, he said you can't change Washington from within. Obama's actions rarely rise to the level of his rhetoric.

When Obama stepped off Air Force One Saturday in Ohio, he boldly looked America in the eye and asked, “Who can you trust?” His adoring crowd booed at the mention of Mitt Romney's name. Obama's retort: “Don't boo, vote! Voting is the best revenge!”

Obama's view of his record borders on delusional. He and the liberal media spun Friday's jobs report as proof Obama's policies are working. An unemployment increase from 7.8 percent to 7.9 percent is good news? Obama said by the end of his first term we'd have 5 percent unemployment, a robust GNP of 5 percent, and 50 percent reduction of our national debt. Our GNP barely touches 2 percent, he's short 9 million jobs, and he doubled our debt.

Obama's view of voters is also delusional. He believes he shouldn't be held accountable. Four years ago, he was a mystery man with a glib tongue, soaring rhetoric and a messiah-like following. America bought it and gave him a chance, but he blew it. He's a master of excuses and finger-pointing.

Obama shouldn't be re-elected simply because he's America's first “black” president. If a white president was running for re-election on Obama's record, he'd lose in a landslide. But you're a racist if you oppose Obama on his record.

The operative word Tuesday is “trust”. After Obama shamelessly “spiked the ball” on Bin Laden's demise, the tragic Benghazi fiasco that ensued on Sept. 11 smacked of al-Qaida revenge, revealing a disengaged, inept commander-in-chief who chose politics over duty and lying over leadership.

Want different results, choose a different candidate. I support the one who promises to put America ahead of politics, the one who asked us to “vote for love of country,” not for “revenge.” I support Mitt Romney.

A Boston native, Ed Andersson relocated to Durango 12 years ago. He is a pioneer in the field of bar code technology, a Marine Corps veteran and broker and co-owner of RE/MAX Pinnacle in Durango.

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